Why do we bow?

Bowing is a customary show of respect to others, including the training hall. When entering the dojang (the training hall), you should bow to the front of the class. Other times you should bow is when thanking others or responding to the instructor.


How do I tie my belt?

    1. Hold one end of the belt about 30cm in and place it just below your belly button. The short side should be to your left.
    2. Wrap the long side around your body twice, making sure the second wrap overlaps up with the first.
    3. Loop the same side from the bottom.
    4. Curl the left side up.
    5. Curl the right side over the left side curl.
    6. Loop the right side through the hole created above.
    7. Tighten by pulling the two sides.


Where do I stand in line?

The most senior student will stand at the front-right of the class. The others will line up according to ranking to their left, wrapping around to the next line. Those not in uniform will line up at the back of the class.


What do I do if class has already commenced when I arrive?

Conduct a warm-up at the back of the class. When ready, move to the side of the room near the front and wait to be acknowledged by the instructor. After acknowledgement, bow to the instructor and join the class at the back.


How can I get a dobok (uniform)?

Let the instructor know and they will bring in several uniforms of varying sizes for you to try on. The uniform (top and bottom) and a white belt is $45. There are several martial arts stores across Adelaide you could also try. If you are interested in a more specialised uniform (e.g. lightweight, senior ranks), query the senior students as they will be able to point you in the right direction.


When can I grade (promotion)?

The club usually holds 4 grading sessions per year. The general rule is that if you attend all the training sessions, you have gained enough experience to be graded. The instructor will typically indicate if you are ready for a promotion. If you are unsure, talk to the instructor or the senior students about what you need to work on.


What are the 3 oaths?

    • I will always give respect and loyalty to the association, the instructor and my club.
    • I will endeavour to attain a high level of physical fitness and develop my character and personal integrity.
    • I will approach others with a spirit of friendship and heed social ethics at all times.


What are the 10 main points?

    1. Ki-ahp
    2. Always look forward
    3. Maintain balance
    4. Keep your body supple and flexible
    5. Combine force and power with soft movements
    6. Fast and slow motion techniques required
    7. The aim of all techniques should be exactness
    8. Control and co-ordinate distance of techniques
    9. Control your breathing
    10. Strive to strengthen your body

Detailed descriptions can be found here.


When do I pay my fees?

Semester fees should be paid at the start of the semester.


What are some general etiquettes of the club?

One of the key aspects of martial arts is the display of respect for others and the show of humility. Behaviours, such as interrupting the instructor, crossing your arms, resting your hands on your hips, and cutting in front of others should be avoided. If in doubt, ask one of the senior members and copy their actions.

You can find a more comprehensive list on this page.