During the Shutdown

First and foremost do take care of yourselves and then try to maintain your Taekwondo skills/training at home as best you can.

From time to time we will put some resources on the website for you to view/follow but let’s start at the start:-

  • Try to follow a normal regime of warming up and stretching as often as you can.
  • Run through the normal warm-up kicks which you would do if you were at the Club.
  • Keep practicing your Poomsae – if you are a white belt obiously you have little to do here but for the higher belts, go through ALL of your Poomsae, from white belt through to your newest ones. If you forget some – make use of the internet – the Poomsae are all on there.
  • If you have a family member you can work with – practice your One Step, Three Step Sparring and Hoshinsul if you a coloured or black belt – if you have no one you can practice with run through these as though you had a partner – i.e. Shadow Training.

If you go to the chungdokwan.com.au website, there are video examples on various basic Hoshinsul exercises you can practice. There are also many examples on the internet – simply type in Hoshinsul and follow the link.

  • Continually maintain doing your sit-ups and push ups.
  • As mentioned at the outset, from time to time we will recommend various YouTube clips for you to watch and then practice based on these.

We will put the Grading Syllabus’s up for all levels up to and including 7th Dan Black Belt so you can be preparing yourselves for your next grading, knowing exactly what is required.

– Grand Master Hitch